The Fact

The key to doing well on verbal sections of the GRE and other standardized tests is having a great vocabulary. No matter how smart you are, if you don’t know the words you’ll be doing a lot of guessing. And guessing is definitely not a great way to get a high score.

The Problem

You’ve looked through those long lists of words and scanned some books to build vocabulary. They are all seriously boring. And they don’t really teach you the words so you remember them, anyway. You’re not making a lot of progress in improving your word power. And the test is coming up pretty soon.

The Solution

Mentaurs has the answer to your problem. We have designed a system that teaches 1,237 must-know words in an interesting and informative way. You learn by using the words in meaningful academic contexts like you’ll find on the real test. And, as you learn the words, you’ll also be finding out important ideas that appear on the GRE and other such tests.

How Vocabulary Pro Works

Each unit in the system teaches you several hundred words in exercises about important concepts in a particular field of knowledge.

You’ll remember the words because you’ll learn how they’re actually used in the type of writing that appears on tests like the GRE and the SAT. Simply choose an area that you’d like to learn more about from the list below. Then get to work.

Doing one unit will significantly improve your vocabulary. Doing more will teach you hundreds of additional words. The words that appear most frequently on the GRE and SAT are repeated regularly, so you’ll be sure to have them down cold by the time the test comes around.

 •  Mythology
 •  Astronomy
 •  Psychology
 •  Literature
 •  Biology
 •  Political Science

Do you want to improve your vocabulary tremendously? Do you want to do well on standardized tests and get ready for college?