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Private Instruction now available for Students in Perth!

Philip Geer, one of America’s leading experts on the SAT and GRE, is now offering individual instruction in the Perth area to students who need to improve their scores on these tests. Philip, who has been preparing students for these tests for over thirty years, is the author of 6 SAT Practice Tests, Essential Words for the GRE, and GRE Verbal Workbook, all published by Barron’s.

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Barron’s 6 SAT Practice Tests (with Ira K.Wolf, Ph.D)

College-bound students will find intensive test-taking practice for the all- important SAT in this brand-new book.

The most powerful vocabulary building tool available today

Textbooks to help you score high on the test

Personal guidance from SAT and GRE expert Philip Geer

Essential Words for the GRE

GRE Verbal Workbook

Word Fest

Picture These SAT Words